Powerful build! input is appreciated!

alright so, my old pc just crashed on me and i need a new one that's powerful enough to run a lot of programs at once! i'm in two different schools, one's part time and the other's full time, both need a really good computer!

Approximate Purchase Date: Somewhere in the middle of december (school starts again in jan, gotta have it before then)

Budget Range: $2500 (at the max, would like to penny pinch! i got rent to pay too! lol)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Lots of programming is going to be done, photography, video editing, music editing, movies, internet, surfing the web, gaming!

Parts Not Required: Speakers!

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I live in canada so maybe newegg or ncix or something, since it's christmas i'm hoping for some discounts or something!

Country of Origin: CANADA!

Parts Preferences: Will need a full tower case, will be using a few monitors that i already have, My old pc had 4 monitors on it, so i'm hoping this one can have just as much if not more! (i like the crossfire what can i say? =p )

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, 1920x1200,

Additional Comments: doesn't really matter about looks, thing could be a beast of a machine, i just need to have this thing going by jan 6! thanks for all the input!
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  1. The most demanding tasks you have listed are video editing and compiling programs.

    If you want to edit video and run 4 monitors, you will want a pair of FERMI GPUs.

    The rest depends on the EXACT software suites and toolsets which you intend to use ... and ... upon how much of all that you will be doing (lots).

    The big question: ... ADOBE CS5 ?? ... yes or no ?
  2. Well, basically i'll be using most of the adobe software, along with some 3d software and animation programs, also in a robotics course so i'll be using some programs for that, and a wacom tablet, so all together i'll be needing probably 50 gigs of space just for programs xD
  3. @Mars ...

    WOW! Great build ! That Revo drive is now in my cart.

    I would like to recommend some alternative "balancing adjustments" to Mar's premium CS5 build ... not to argue ... but just as an expression of my own perspective, as one who has edited with many NLE and DAW suites. I think the price is about right, but that you could garner a good bit more utility, for about the same money.

    ... Oh, yeah ... don't forget the DVDR and a few extra SATA data cables (slim-line/right-angle).

    Let's take it part-by-part :

    CPU ... Perfect.

    MOBO ... Great, Premium Board but, you can get a Gigabyte UD3 1366/X58 board for (roughly) half to 2/3rds the cost and you would VERY LIKELY never feel any diff.

    RAM: UN-BEE-LEEVE-A-BULL !! I just paid $200 for 8GB of G.SKILL 1600c7 and you got 12GB of Corsair, for the same quid ... DUDE ! JUMP!



    HDDs : Great ! I would even get a third one, as a RAID spare or as an external archive.
    ... I'd take an F3 over a 7200.12 any day, even if they cost a bit more but the 7200.12s are cheaper and make good external backup (dormant, in a drawer, and not running 99+% of the time).

    SSD: The REVO is great, but really shines as a WRITE-TO and media apps, drive ...
    .... I would still recommend that you ALSO get (at least) one more 90GB Vertex2 and or another Vertex2 or a Corsair 128GB standard SATA SSD.
    ... The use of more drives allows your various "flow-tasking" to remain fully cached (in those discreet data pipe-lines) without being flushed ... So putting the OS/browser/sys-utils and office apps, on a standard SATA boot SSD ... Media tool suites on another, dedicated drive, and yet another drive for output renders (writes) and for ingest and transcoding. << This is what I would use the REVO for.
    ... Finally, you might even allocate as much as 4GB of system RAM as a RAM-DISK for OS and browser temp files ... ... ... some freaks even have a dedicated SATA drive for the system swap file (they say it helps). More drives means more cache hits and less flushing of the caches and pipes. ... dedicated pipelines ... directed data flow. ... read from this drive ... write to that one ... ... one for OS ... another for apps ... one for scratch ... as your budget may justify. I own a Vertex2 and a Corsair P128 and am seriously thinking about this REVO, now. .... I also own TWO F3 HDDs and am thinking about more, as external mirror that I only power-up for full, weekly backups of all my SSDs and my one fully active, local F3 drive, which is just for content and daily SSD backs.

    PSU: Exactly Perfect !

    CASE: GREAT! ... but WAY over-kill ... A HAF 922 ($90 USD search!) comes with scads of fans and is MORE than cool and large enough to handle the works. Rather have another Vertex2 !!

    COOLER: Plenty Good Enough !! Get a second fan (matched) for push-pull cooling ...
    ... There is only one fan which matches perfectly (CFM/RPM) ... The Hyper212+ DOES COME WITH all the hardware to mount the 2nd fan AND also comes with quality thermal paste.

    But, yeah ... That is a really excellent, premium build, that Mars threw, there.

    Whether or not you consider my adjustments to Mar's build ... I'd say that, either way, You are "READY TO GO!"


    = Al =
  4. @Alvin

    I choose the Asus mobo cause of its pci-e difference then others. he can run 2 GPU's at 16x while insert the Revodrive into x4 pci-e slot. In gigabyte board if he have 2 GPU's running and inserts the Revodrive in 3rd slot that will make 1 of the GPU run 8x speed. That's the main reason i selected Asus board for him, other smaller reasons include it being an Asus boards.

    About the case, 922 is a mid tower case and it will be very tight for all those components so if he need a bit cheaper case then it should be this one http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119160 which is a Full tower and in HAF series.

    About the SSD u explained, i completely agree with u on that one but u should make it a bit simpler for him.

  5. Well ... I ain't going to teach an advanced course in "flow optimization", right here and now ... but I could. I just wanted to "plant those seeds" ... That more SSDs are GOOD and that there are many ways to skin this cat (faster/better) if you are prone to tweaking.

    I DO think an extra matched spare HDD ain't a bad idea, at these prices ... it will insure he has a matched pair for a few extra years (after the first one does fail).

    I won't argue on the MOBO and the CASE ... I will say that i'd like to see the true-actual benches, comparing 16x16x4 to 16x8x4 on those lane allocations ... I am just guessing you would not see any "practical" bottlenecks unless you are building a Hollywood Render Farm.

    I would rather shave $250, on those (stated) items and have more SSDs ... But, that is just me. HELL ... maybe the OP has the money to get that cream-dream mobo AND the sexy SATA SSDs ... Man ... that REVO ROCKS, for output render writes, and HD-SDI x2 Capture ! ... But where would one stick the BlackMagic Design Intensity card ? ... Oh, yeah !! ... They have that new-fangled SHUTTLE package (USB3 external)

    ... You Rock, Mars ... You pulled some great links ... LOVE the pricing, on that RAM !!
  6. ^^ I am not 100% sure about the 2nd point of urs about the mobo but if that true then here another mobo from Asus which is 90$ cheaper, http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131666

    Am 100% sure about the 932 case, Full tower is way to go.

    He still has some money left over to get another SSD etc and with that plus shipping etc will bring him right to 2500$ mark.
  7. Another question ... could he not use one 470, as a primary, for Mercury Playback Accelleration and 3d Renders, BUT use a GT240 or a GTS250 or a 9800-EE(*PB*) as a second GPU, just to run output to monitors #3 & #4 ??

    I know the drivers should allow it ... There is no need (or reason) to run bridged SLI ...
    ... I am just wondering about the CUDA scaling, etc.

    The second 470 might just not add that much to the actual render times, even on the Mercury and 3D stuff.

    Whaddaya think?
  8. replacing that second 470, with a cheaper, lower power, cooler, smaller card would shave almost $200 USD and 100 watts and the 9800-EE is a true, single-slot short card that does not even use an extra power cable AND is fully certified (as an only GPU) for entry level CS5 rigs (see B&H Photos Turnkey rigs).
  9. ^ i honestly have no knowledge about this specific setup. If ur targeting to cut down some $$$ then 2 x 460's will be a gud buy as well and will reduce budget by 140$.

    @Doolan goto premiere pro forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/premierepro_current and post a thread about best GPU solution for you, post budget of around 450$ with 4 monitors connected. You will get better and complete answers there.
  10. Well ... The 460s are NOT on the CS5 cert list BUT there are articles on how to modify the config files to enable the 460 for MPE Playback.

    Just openning every can-of-worms in sight, here. The OP will have to sift and scratch, a good bit, if he wants to spend-down and tune-up ... There are ways to save hundreds, if you get your ducks all lined up ... just a matter of how much research and tweaking. I do know that nVidia's drivers are very good at combining all nVidia products into a seamless control and compute environment and that this is usually transparent to the user. There may be some restrictions, mixing FERMIS with the re-worked gForce products but I have not read anything specific, in this regard. Hard to say where one could get a very clear and definitive (dependable) answer.
    Last I heard ... You can combine any combo of nVidia/PNY cards, up to a total of NINE monitors @ 2x monitors per card ... and the drivers should find them and let you choose from several layouts ... and CUDA shouild also be found and ganged, automatically. There WAS *something* I read about the new 460s not being able to "play with others", in some certain way, but the statement was very vague and I was never able to get clarity, on that one point. Also, that same (lame) article did mention that later revs were likely not to have this "limitation" ... I think they were talking about SLI with other FERMIS ... could not nail that one down.

    Anyone know wtf the deal is ?
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