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Hello, wondering if anyone can help me, the fan on my asus gts 250 has been playing up and making a very annoying buzzing/ticking sound, performance is fine just sound is loud and annoying, how easy is it to replace the fan and where could i get it from? Or could there be something else wrong with it?

this is the card im using, any help appreciated, cheers.
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  1. It looks remarkably like a Zalman VF900 to me.
  2. yes it does a bit, but that doesnt help me whatsoever
  3. Well if a VF900 fits then all you need to do is buy one and follow the included instructions to fit it. How much more help do you need?
  4. id have no idea if its compatible or not, would this work? :
  5. ok forget i asked that question, no its not
  6. Anyone know exactly what i can replace it with? been searching but i have no idea, help appreciated
  7. That may well work as the PCB looks to be the same size as the 8800GT's PCB and I know for a fact that the VF900 fits on the 8800GT despite it not being on that list.

    And you should really use the "Quick Edit" function rather than making multiple posts.
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