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Flashing display

I have hooked up my HP Presario m8530f desktop (Nvidia 9300GSO) via a HDMI line to my new Sharp Quatron 46" LED-LCD TV.

Before this I had a few issues with flashing display until I got it hooked up to the correct HDMI slot and the settings adjusted and everything appeared to be fine..

Last night for the first time I tried to watch a DVD (Potter Half-blood Prince) on it and the display started flashing to snow and garble again and I couldn't stop it until I shut down the PC.

Every time I tried to play ANY other DVD I got the same response.and I couldn't use the PC until I left it shut down for a few minutes.

Am I over-stressing the video card? I'd appreciate some guidance on what might be happening here.
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  1. I was using it with 32" Samsung 60Hz 720p LCD TV before this and never had a problem.
  2. Sorry Pavilion not Presario - wrong Pc (I have both).
  3. I fixed it. HP had the virtualization disabled as a default in the bios. Apparently this reduced the capabilities of the support for the 9300 GE card too much to drive the higher resolution TV.
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