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Just installed a new Light-Scribe DVD RW Burner Part #C3284-A00 into my Windows 7 Dell D630 Latitude Laptop and it wont play DVD's in real-time (Playing Slow) with choppy audio. It appears to be doing this only at the start of a DVD when the Micro-Vision in most prevalent. My old DVD RW plays dvd's fine and this new one won't! Looked for special drivers but no luck. Any ideas?
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    Go to device manager. Right click on the drive properties then uninstall driver. Reboot and let windows reinstall it. If its still buggy. Run nero info tool


    Thanks for the help!

    I re-installed it and it keeps installing the same dam driver.

    There has to be another driver that will work on my Dell D630

    I think I will live a longer life when I toss my PC into the trash and buy a MAC!

    Thanks again.

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