BSOD -- compatibility issue between hardware and windows 7?

Hey all -- I just installed Windows 7, and I keep getting the Blue Screen of Death (stop message 0x00000124) everytime I run a video, or video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. I suspect that it's a compatibility issue with my hardware and Windows 7:

Motherboard: Asus P5L-MX
Video: Geforce 7600 GT
CPU: Intel E6600 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo

Is anyone able to confirm this? I'm on a tight film deadline, and I need to edit!

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  1. Sounds like a driver issue, try a fresh installation of the latest ones for that card.

    If that fails try an older version.
  2. Actually, it turns out that it probably has nothing to do with the graphics card. I've disabled the PCI-E in BIOS, and it still gives me the stop message when I run CS4/video files.

    I'll move this thread. Thanks!
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