Pc can NO LONGER connect to the internet (direct connection)

ok so heress some background info, i moved my main computer to the basement and decided to bring my other pc down as well, for lans and stuff. so i have a 75ft rj45 cable going from the modem to the router (which is now downstairs) then i have a cable going from each oc to the router (yes, they are the right cables) they both had internet for weeks, but all of a sudden my other pc just stopped getting it, but my main one still has internet, so i switched cables, still not working, tryed moving it over a slot on the router, still not working, the pc was practicly dead with all the viruses and stuff so i re-installed windows, and im still getting the same problem.
so basicly the problem is that my pc isnt getting internet even with a direct connection...

also, when i open cmd and type in ipconfig it says this: Windows IP configuration..

please help me guys, my friend needs to play starcraft on it! (his mac cant handle it xD)

need any more info? just ask.
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  1. wahjahka said:
    i re-installed windows, and im still getting the same problem.

    [#0005ff]Could that be the key? When you resintalled, did you get all the drivers for all the hardware? Have a look in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and see if you have yellow marks beside any devices, particularly the network adapter.[/#000ff]
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