CPU maxing out, Low FPS

Hey guys,
This is my rig-

CPU : Intel core i3 530 @ 2.93ghz
Graphics/Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 5700 series

The problem is when I play Call of Duty Black Ops it's that as soon as I launch the game the cpu maxes out at 100% on task manager and when I play on Multiplayer or Singleplayer I get no more than 25FPS, often just getting 10 FPS or even lower.

The thing is I dropped my PC just a few weeks ago and the CPU was maxing out when I turned it on and shutting off within 3 minutes because of overheating I think. I managed to fix this problem by lowering the base clock speed in the BIOS but the problem stil remains whenever I play Black Ops. I brought the Base clock speed back to normal and everything else is normal too.

Before I dropped my PC I had no problems with the game at all and it would run nicely, I think at least 40 to 60 FPS. I don't think there's anything wrong with my video card or anything else. But my CPU just maxes out and the temperature goes up to 105c. I think the problem may be with not enough power to the CPU or I should underclock it? I don't think overclockng would help as it was just fine before I dropped my PC.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP!
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    Definintely sounds like your CPU cooler has been knocked loose, if your getting 105 degree temperatures. You will have to open your PC and make sure that the CPU cooler is seated and installed correctly. It also wouldn't hurt to double check your entire system to make sure everything's slotted and installed correctly.
  2. Well my first guess is that your CPU cooler lost contact with the CPU! Start by reseating the cooler with new thermal paste! If you keep running like that you will damage something!
  3. Fixed the problem now with thermal paste and by the way dadiggle, there is nothing wrong with Black Ops. It is a great game and if you read properly you will see that it ran perfectly fine BEFORE I dropped my pc. But, now it's fixed and I am getting around 80 FPS with the graphics maxed out. Thanks for your help anyway
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