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Changing GPU

Hi all need some advice. First off I have a XFX HD Radeon 5870 1g card in my rig now. I am having small issues with it as alot of people are.
Here is my question : I received an email from Newegg and they have a combo deal for 2 PNY GTX 460's for 389.99 after rebate. Would I be better off getting these 2 cards or just spend the same amount for 1 GTX 480?

This is my Mobo:

I know that the PCI for SLI will drop to 8/8. I just need some advice please.
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  1. ohh system specs sorry:
    phenom 2 x4 965 be 3.7ghz
    gskill eco 1600 ddr3 7-8-7-21-2t 1.5v
    Corsair HX 850w
    samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
    128g SSD boot
    win7 pro x64
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    Hmm... Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that AMD 790x chipset does not support SLI, only crossfire. If it's true the only choice for you can be a single 480 instead of SLI.
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  4. lol damn I wasn't paying attention. Thanks for pointing that out.
    I guess I am going with the 480
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