Which Upgrade? P8Z68 Deluxe or Another 8GB RAM.

Alright so i have a lot of the pieces for my computer, but I have one last order to make on Newegg. Right now my order is at $480, and i need to add another $20 in order to have 12 months to pay it off with no interest.

I have narrowed it down to either getting the P8Z68 Deluxe or adding another 8GB of Kingston HyperX, giving me 16gb. The RAM is 1.65v so would that make this system more instable having all 4 slots filled? Would i be able to reach 4.5ghz still easily?
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  1. If you get this Kit you'll save $15; however, the only advantage I see in having 16GB is that it will use the swap file less.


    You might be better of buying the motherboard

  2. should i get the Gen3 or the regular one?
  3. for $10 more and free shipping I would go for the GEN3.

    the GEN3 has PCIe 3.0 slots which are backwards compatible with PCIe 2.x cards
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