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4870 gone BAD !! Help please!!

Hello everyone, I have been running this card which is a HIS ICE-Q 4, ATI 4870, for about 8 months. Not OC'ed at all, recently went to extend my display to my 32" LCD TV, as I usually do, and it black screens my 18" monitor and display input not supported on the 18" but the 32" has the extended display running proper. Anybody know what could be wrong? I have installed the latest ATI CCC & Drivers. Still the same.... Please Help
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More about 4870 please
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    You are running 1080P resolution on the TV and to your 18" monitor?
  2. your screen friend does not support hz that removes the card graphic your… lcd that you do not say to us who make they is they is not true hd. this they is the reason… the card they is ok
  3. 32" @ 1080p, 18" @ 1366 X 768...The card has been working on both screens for 8 months
  4. Will either the monitor or TV work when connected alone?

    Maybe try re-seating the cables and or/connectors, and possibly try a different output on the card.
  5. Yes they will work alone....I will try the re-seating and output...stand-by
  6. My guess is that the drivers are setting both displays to 1920x1080, which your monitor cannot support.
    If that's the case you'll just have to specify the proper resolutions for each monitor in the CCC display manager.
  7. ^+1 my point in the beginning there is a setting problem.
  8. I have set both resolutions to the right ones, but the card keeps defaulting to 1080p on both?....Its cool rolli..I followed what you were saying. Is this a driver issue?
  9. Maybe try using Windows to manipulate the displays. Try to extend or clone your desktop to the TV using the "Screen Resolution" option.

    Which display is showing as the primary display?
  10. The 18" is the primary---Thats the problem after both displays are hooked-up the 18" goes black screen, and the 32" is secondary so it is acting like an extended..thereby leaving me no option to change resolution, because the 18" is the primary and I have no way to open CCC from the secondary as it comes up on the primary and the primary is black screened
  11. I am gonna try to just hook up the 32" by itself...fingers crossed
  12. Same effect??????? Bad Card I guess..OK which card could I purchase that is good enough to game on all high settings within the new 58XX series that matchs well with my new computer build that is in the process now...I have the following components so far X6 1055t, ASUS 890FX board, Mushkin Blackline DDR3 1600, 128 GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 850w Corsair PSU...Sorry I probably should have ask in another section for this just thought I would throw this out there.
  13. I think a 5850 or 5870 would game nicely.

    Your CPU is more suited for video editing than gaming, as I think the 2.8 GHZ clock speed might limit some games as a lot seem to like 3.0+ GHZ speeds these days.

    I would probably go with a 5850 with non-reference cooling and O.C. it a bit as these cards O.C. easily and run pretty cool. My Asus 5850 Direct CU runs at 125 MHZ over on the core and 200 MHZ over on the memory and still stays under 66 degrees C without a voltage increase.
  14. So should I just sell the 1055t and go with say the 1090T ...It is still in the box never opened...I was gonna OC the 1055T I heard I could get 4.0GHz out of it....But I know I can get 4.2 out of the 1090T so...I can oc the 1055T to 4.0GHZ or is this not possible ...just while gaming
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  16. Thx Rolli and bird... I appreciate the input immensely...I had to give rolli the best answer as he was right about the settings first!!! But I think will go with Fires suggest for the 5850...But which one to choose that the fun part...Which manufacture is the best do you guys think for the 5850 I am partial to XFX or HIS
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