Is 460 sli setup powerful enough for 3d vision?

Hello. I wanted to know if my 460 1gig sli setup would be powerful enough for a 3d vision or not. would I be better off going with a 1650x1050 or 1920x1080 res? I was wanting to go with a 1920x1080 one but i just don't know if i have enough power or not. also, how much of a performance loss can i expect to lose?

I plan on getting a kit for xmas but I really don't know if I should get it now or wait a 6-12 mouths. what do you all think?

computer spec's are:

Intel Core i5-750 running @ 4ghz
Corsair Cooling Hydro Series h50
2x msi cyclone 460 gtx 1GB In SLI
Power Supply: Ultrax4 1050
2x Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB Hard Drive raid 0
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
windows vista 64
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  1. The resolution will also depend on the monitor(s) used but the cards should be able to do it but I don't know what kind of performance you will get.
  2. If I remember correctly by going 3d you'll pretty much be cutting the fps by ~50%, so with two GTX460's, cant see why it wouldnt work. Depending on the game and settings used ofcourse.
  3. Doable, yes.
  4. Basically whatever settings give you 60FPS now, will give you effectively 30FPS (maybe a little less) with 3D vision. Since 2 460s in SLI are about 90% better than a single card, it will be almost as if you went to having just a single card.

    Assuming your cards are overclocked (it'd be a shame not to with a cyclone), the overclocking should easily make up for that 10%.
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