Athlon II X3 or Phenom II X4 for this build?

Hey there!

Here is my build:

Uploaded with

I am trying to decide between the Athlon II X3 or the Phenom II X4.

I would like to save the $60 by going with the Athlon but will I see significant system improvements with the Phenom?

Will the 5870 2gb gpu be limited by the Athlon?

Thanks for the input!
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  1. There is no question that the Phenom is the better CPU but do you need it, here is a good article,2619.html
  2. rolli picked a good article. Whether or not you need a faster CPU will depend on two things: The lower the resolution, the more CPU bound the game. And: Some games are much more CPU Dependant than other.

    So, to know if your CPU is sufficient:
    What games?
    What resolution?
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