Best Gaming Case <$150

I am looking for the best gaming case under $150. Mid Tower/ATX board XFX HD 6850 GPU

My board comes with a USB 3.0 header for new cases, but I havent found one yet.

Here are some things that I would like...

1. Blue LED's

2. Built in Fan Controller

3. Clear or Mesh side panel

I have been checking out the usuals...Antec 900, CM HAF, and I am kind of partial to the NZXT Tempest EVO and the CM Storm Sniper.
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    For $50 more you can get the new Corsair 650D case that just came out....

    Lian-li 7fwb is what i got..i like the build quality of the case since it's brush alluminum and has nice cable mgt holes...and tons of lian-li upgrades also...$134.99 at LI PC-7FWB (black) mid tower no power supply 5x5.2

    Also the NZXT Phantom is nice but it doesn't come with Blue LED' can always put blue LED's in it anyways...comes with a fan controller also and has good cable mgt holes with a mesh side panel..

    or Lian-li Lancool PC-K62 is a nice gaming case...has blue LED's and it's only $99.99

    But you should check out that new Corsair 650D...The Lian-li 7FWB is a nice one also looks 100 times better in person even the NZXT Phantom looks better in person...It took me nearly 3months to decide on what case to buy..I looked at all the cases even the cases you brought up i was thinking about getting..But i ended up wanting a high quality alluminum case and the 1st thing that popped in my mind was Lian-li...I didn't want anything to big and wanted something simple and clean looking so i ended up deciding on the Lian-li 7FWB mid tower case...You can also get a top cover with 2 140mm fans for the case made by Lian-li...
  2. yeah was going to suggest the nzxt phantom too...
  3. Antec Nine Hundred Two V3- 1x usb3 FP
    Own the original 902 which is currently my main case.
    Excellent cooling,quiet on low fan settings(all you need imo) .All case fans Blue Led and feature 3 speed control.
    Build quality is first class,nothing cheap or chintzy.
  4. Not a huge fan of the Antec 902 V3 or the NZXT Phantom. Really dont like the looks of either one. I didnt think to look at the Lian-li, but they seem like nice cases.

    Does anyone think the price difference ($60) between the Tempest EVO (cheaper) and the CM Storm Sniper is worth it? Im not really a stickler to my budget :) (dont tell the wife), but what I really want is a great case that will last.
  5. I would suggest the HAF 932 or the NZXT Phantom, i really like the Phantom ( best case IMO LOL :D )
  6. I'll throw in a vote for the HAF 932 also. Theres no integrated fan controller but 3 230mm fans and a 140mm rear fan will run you cool thats for sure.
  7. +1 also to HAF-932.

    (Just snip the front cables to the front 230mm Fan LEDs IMO. LEDs = Spew)

    Edit - lol just read you like blue LEDs, each for his own

    Slightly over your budget, though close after mail in rebate. Awesome case, better than the Phantom / Lian Lis.
  9. I just bought a HAF 932 and love it. The HAF X is right around 150 and has front USB 3.0 if that's important.
    Anyhow, one more vote for HAF 932. Mine was 124.99
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. I am going to pull the trigger on the CM Storm Sniper Black Edition.

    I love the AMD Dragon version, but I dont feel right putting a 2600k in it!
  11. Nerdbox87 said:

    Slightly over your budget, though close after mail in rebate. Awesome case, better than the Phantom / Lian Lis.

    Honestly, one of the coolest cases I have ever seen! Wont work for me though, due to my desk setup.
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  13. Awww damn your desk costing me a best answer! :D

  14. cooler master haf 932 or thermaltake element v black edition both have excellent cooling
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