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I am looking to build a new system was wondering when you guys think the best time would be ill have about 2-3k in feb of 2011 as a budget. this is my current system specs no overclocking on this one except the graphics factory oc any upgrade advice or help is appreciated thanks.

AMD phenom II x4 940 BE
asus M4A79 Deluxe
Mushkin pc28500 blackline 2x2gb
Nvidia PNY 9800gtx+ (nothing but problems with this pos)
thermaltake truepower 750w modular psu
creative soundblaster x-fi platinum
LG l22twtg 22'' monitor
500gb WD
300gb maxtor
74gb WD raptor
asus cd/dvd burner
thermaltake case
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  1. Your current system is respectable... Unless you have a REAL need, wait until near the end of the 1st quarter 2011 and then come back to this question. Lots will change in regards to pricing and availability between now and then with the release of Sandy Bridge components. There is, however, nothing stopping you from replacing the "POS" video card in your current system and carrying it over to the new build.

    When it does come time... You have a large budget (2-3k) and can do what ever you would like. I would recommend a PCIe SSD (RevoDrive or similar) for a boot drive and then go large with the graphics. The rest is dependant on what is going on at the time (prices / availability).
  2. that is what I suspected its just I get really low scores for test and this card has had problems texture issues freezing system failed to oc when I dont oc ect. so pci ssd better over the sata? thanks for the input.
  3. I have a 9800GT card and have no issues at stock or OC settings. Drivers up to date? ...its not a "POS" for me. :-)

    Yeah... The RevoDrive has read / write of over 500 mb/s. The SATA drives will be half that speed at best, but a little cheaper. A SATA SSD is a major upgrade over a standard spindle HD, and the PCIe SSD is a major upgrade over that. If you like this idea, plan ahead for a MB with multiple PCI slots.
  4. ive been out of the pc loop for the past year or so, so ssd are new news for me I was doing a dream machine mockup and went with a setup that included the ssd pci but didnt look at what had been differences between that and the sata version though I did notice the high write and read rates that is what had sold me. with my current system I dunno what is wrong ive ran prime, mem test, gpu test tested my psu voltage everything my drivers are up to date my bios are current but randomly I my computer will freeze my cpu never gets over 50 under load and my gpu never gets over 52 under load I am stumped.
    I am able to wait to build a new system though I wanted to do so around the release of a certain mmo for now mine is fine and im currently not gaming anyways was just interested in whats to come and figured I should wait.
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