GTX460 problems

Having some strange issues with my ASUS GTX460, yesterday while playing a bit of MW2 (actually on a map loading screen) the picture artifacted something horrible and lost signal to my monitor.

Presuming that this was the extremely premature end of my 460 I've tried out a few things and am left a little confused.
Trying to boot into windows gets as far as finishing the animated loading screen, then blacks out, no signal, no 'Windows has loaded' sound, nothing.
Safe mode works perfectly fine (in it at the moment) and so does running Windows with no Nvidia drivers installed.
The second I install the correct drivers though everything goes tits up again and can no longer get into the OS.
Another odd thing I've found is that the Bios screen has lovely pink lines across part of it, a sure sign of a buggered card yet that doesnt explain why in Windows only the nvidia drivers are killing it.

Tried re-seating the card with no luck either, I seem to be cursed with obscure problems with no obvious solution with this computer. Also tried checking Windows for startup issues with nothing reported, event viewer is also blank.

Running on Win7 64.
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  1. Forgot to mention it's coming up with an error code 116 when I get it into safe mode, which tends to suggest a driver issue, yet that wouldnt explain the BIOS perculiarities and inability to do a clean installation of the drivers..
  2. download driver sweeper and use that. uninstall the video card drivers if you can, then use driver sweeper in safe mode. if that doesnt fix it then make sure you have the right drivers. try downloading them again. if non of that helps then your video card prob needs to be rma =(
  3. Heh, even though event viewer showed up bugger all ran a problem report and it came back with 17 accounts of video hardware failure.

    Guess my GTX460 will be flying back to ASUS. Oh well, first card to suffer a premature death. :/
  4. Thats almost always hardware failure. The card manages to function at a low level. 2D only.
  5. What were you using before and what are you using for a power supply ?
  6. notty22 said:
    Thats almost always hardware failure. The card manages to function at a low level. 2D only.

    Yeah seems that the killer was the 460 trying to run Aero, which due to it being unable to manage 3d anymore, forced a system crash every time.

    Swapped back to my old, noisy GTX260 and it seems to be running fine, time for an RMA.
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