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Hey guys i got a new PC the other day. Everything brand new, an asrock 880gm-le mobo, a GB HD 6870 OC and a phenom ii x4 840 (yes im aware its really just an athlon, but the 640 ahtlons were out of stock)

Anyway my GPU seems to be idling at around 39-43 degrees and that is in a room of about 28 degrees itself, and it goes up to max 58 degrees under load (crysis max settings), so i think that is all fine.

However I have seen threads on here of people complaining about their CPU's idling hot, in the low 40's. Mine is currently sitting on 39 degrees, and have seen it rise to about 42 degrees on idle (by idle i mean just using internet explorer and what not). Under load (in crysis again) it maxed out at 47-48 degrees.

My case temp is 34 degrees but here is the real question i want to ask. Why does it say my core temp, in both speedfan and AMD overdrive, is 0? Does this indicate that perhaps the readings i am getting are off? Or simply because my CPU does not have gauges on these parts of the chip? In AMD overdrive the areas are greyed out where it should list the temp so i am thinking it has recognized that i do not have any temp gauges there.

What do you think about my temps (39-42 in idle-48 under load) about my PC?
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  1. Also i should say i have an exhaust at the upper back, the psu exhaust (bottom mounted psu), and two intake fans, one on the lower front, and one on the bottom of the case, also i am using the stock cooler and the thermal pad it came with. Not overclocked either.

    I do have some thermal paste called deepcool z3, they also have z6 and z9 versions so i am unsure if i should use this considering its 3rd in the line from being their top product. But i do think its still a decent quality brand. Replace or no?
  2. holy chit there is definately something wrong, just did a small fft in prime95 and it got upto 61 degrees from 39 degrees in less than 30 seconds
  3. First things first, re-seat the cooler and re-apply some new TIM.

    yeah that's hot, but within limits. I'd also check the BIOS to make sure voltages are set correctly. your fan setup also sounds less than ideal. what case do you have?
  4. i thought 2 intakes and 2 exhausts (counting the psu exhaust would be ok)

    i have a thermaltake v3 case, just reapplied with the thermal glue, still idling at 39, but it took a while longer to get up to 60 this time (i stopped it at 59)

    do you think this is a case issue, or would buying a 3rd party cooling system plus artic silver 5 do the trick?

    Also where can i check what voltages my cpu should have?

    And lastly, is it safe for it to idle in 39 until i get the solution (whatever that may be) tomorow?

    thanks for the help
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  6. You need to look at the delta between room temp and CPU temp. In your case your room is pretty warm, 28C. And your idle temp is 39C, for a delta of 11C.....

    My room is 20C. My AMD 840 runs at 33C for a delta of 13C.....

    So your doing better and just fine....

    I am using the stock AMD cooler. And max temps running Prime 95 are 61C. Which is safe.

    I would agree that if the temperature "shoots up" immediately you HAD an issue with seating. If the cooler is mechanically connected to the CPU it will always take a couple minutes to heat up all that metal....

    Finally if overdrive & speed fan show 0C, what program are you using to measure temps???
  7. do i need another program on top of that one? i thought speedfan etc does all that
  8. just ran prime 95 again, the cores got upto 5 degrees (so maybe they are meant to be at 0 in idle), but it didnt even get passed test two and it was at 58 so i shut it off, aftermarket cooler here i come
  9. I use SpeedFan to monitor temperatures. I am confused when you say your reading 0C for cores, then 5C. And they later 58C after Prime95 runs....

    As far as max temps are concerned 58C is by no means hot. Does not indicate a problem with the thermal paste, installation, or the cooler itself. You don't need to lower this Prime95 load temperature to be safe and solid.

    That said:

    Here is a link to a site with comparisons between many, many after market coolers:


    What you'll find in the comparisons, MOST of the coolers are quieter than the stock coolers, by a lot...

    BUT, while they will lower temps they are Not wildly better than stock, 10C--15C, unless the heat sink is too small for the job and becomes heat soaked, see the charts.

    I run three systems with Intel i7-930 and i7-950s. These are 130watt chips (yours is 95watt, so, it puts out much less heat). The stock Intel coolers were very noisy. And, temps hit mid-80C temps under Prime95. Mid-80s IS too hot, and needed to be fixed.

    Installed a Noctua NH-U12 on two of them and a Venomous X on the third. Now they run just under 70C running Prime95. SO, 10C--15C cooler yes..... Wildly quieter thou.... barely audible even with fans on high.
  10. thanks for the help, i just got a coolermaster hyper tx3, and the temps in prime95 did not pass 57 this time around, after about 10 mins which is a good sign, it was extremely hard getting it on though, one question, the fan attaches on the side on this cooler, but i am unsure whether it is an exhaust or intake fan, does the fact it is on its side indicate it blows air through the sink, rather than suck it up? If this is the case, i need to swap my fan around the other way so it blows upwards, i installed it thinking it would intake it upwards through the vent in my cpu case.

    Am idling at 38-39 degrees now

    also i meant with the cores, the temp is always at 0, but when i use prime95, the temps go up to like 5 degrees, whats going on here? obviously their temps are not at 0
  11. You want the fan installed to blow air thru the heat sink. If you want to check the direction the fan will move air when your installing, there will be a small raised arrow on the side of the fan housing showing air flow direction.

    Usually you want the fan pointing such that it blows air thru the heat sink then out the back of the case....

    Some, with top mounted exhaust fans prefer to blow air thru the heat sink then Up and out the top of the case...
    (sometimes you Have to use this orientation so the fan housing will clear the tops of the RAM sticks)

    Use either way, or, try both and keep the orientation that yields the lowest temperatures....

    NOW, I'll bet its WAY quieter than the stock cooler. And, a LITTLE bit cooler too...
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