OCing gtx 460 hawk @ stock voltage

I'm curious to know what core/memory clocks people are getting their card up to without adjusting voltages.

So far mine seemed to have ran stable at 880/2000 on Kombustor for 20 minutes, but inside a game (L4D2 for example), after a few seconds the screen would freeze up so I guess Kombustor can't be trusted. I then ran OCCT who crashed at 880/2000 pretty quickly, then I went slowly down and it ran stable at 860/1950. However then when I started 3DMark Vantage at Perfomence preset with my OC profile at 860/1950, I would see artifacts (at the top of my screen only, pretty obvious ones) that never appeared during gameplay. The test didn't crash but those were there.

I had to bring the card down all the way to about 835/1910 so those would go, although they RARELY appear at the 835/1910 profile still, really hard to notice as they come only very occasionally, should I go a little more down again? is this an issue with 3DMark Vantage only maybe?

I don't know if these clocks are normal or too low, wondering who else has the card that could tell me without overvolting.
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  1. That card should be hitting 850/2000 no problems. I have the MSI cyclone 768MB at 850/2050 on default voltage and have never looked back. Now I did have a few problems until I installed the beta forceware 260 drivers from nvidia's site. You could always give that a try but it might sound like a hardware thing.
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