Upgrading processor n motherboard for gaming n 3d rendering

hello everyone

my config. is

processor - intel dual core E5500, 2.8ghz
motherboard - asus G41
ram - 2 gb ddr2
gpu - ati radeon hd 5570
hdd - 1 tb

i played all games like crysis 2, black ops arkhham asylum, dues x human. rev. etc..... on medium. specs....

but witcher 2 n rage is lagging bit... so i want to upgrade my processor (amd only) motherboard and ram also.
i am also working on maya 2012, 3ds max11 for 3d rendering
so please suggest me.... i have only 15000 rupees...
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  1. Why AMD only?
  2. amd only because intel high end processor is too costly brother.... i want 6 core amd processor.... which is less cost as compared to intel

    thanks for reply
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