Which of these two cards is better

Hi everybody ,

I'm wondering which of these GTX 460 1GB graphics cards is worth buying , note that I'm going to buy 2 cards ( SLI )

1. eVGA GeForce GTX 460 1024MB SuperClocked EE

2. MSI GTX 460 Hawk 1GB

Which is better regarding performance , SLI scaling performance , Temperature under Load , Overclockability ... etc ?

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  1. SLI scaling and total overclockability will be very similar between the two, the SuperClocked will have a bit better out of box performance but if you OC them they will but top out at about the same speed. The Hawk will probably run a little cooler but the EVGA exhausts most of its heat out the back instead of into the case.
  2. The Hawk is the best GTX 460 for overclocking.
  3. Seeing as OC'd they perform the same, just buy the cheapest one.
  4. Here's a review of the Hawk. It will be slightly quieter than the EVGA with External Exhaust. Both are excellent overclockers and both have high quality components. The big difference is the cooler and depends whether you want to exhaust heat outside the case or inside the case.
  5. I would take eVGA they is better company and better cover in guarantee
  6. What is the difference between exhausting the heat outside & inside the case ?
  7. johnk10 said:
    I would take eVGA they is better company and better cover in guarantee

    What does that mean? MSI is a great company, they make many things from mobos to desktops. The hawk is by far the better choice once OC'd, the difference from heat inside all depends on your case airflow. If it is garbage with no intake fan, then your bound to get your entire computer heated up. I'd recommend at least having one 120mm fan for intake. AT LEAST. And at least 1 or 2 120mm fans for pushing out the hot air. The exhausting air with out good airflow would probably stay inside the case for a bit before getting pushed out (hot air flows up) or by a fan. But that will be after it heats up your CPU and other things like that. The Air exhausting outside is decent but is minimal to the amount that should get exausted into the case. So good airflow is key for both cards.

    I might be wrong though, so correct me =P

    I recommend the Hawk 460 though for it's OCing cabability and ability to keep WAYYY low temps under load while in decent airflow.

    The review below should tell you (possibly) that the EVGA 460 will run hotter than the Hawk after OC.
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