I'm looking for a certain kind of Graphics card.

I need a graphics card that supports TV-out, but here's the catch, my TV only has composite and 4-prong S-video inputs. I also have a cord that converts VGA into composite and S-Video. Any one know of a semi-decent graphics card that will let me connect my computer to my TV? It doesn't even have to be very good, my motherboard has onboard VGA with HD Radeon 4200. Something about that good will do. Thank you.
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  1. unfortunatly, that one has 7 prong and my TV only has 4 prong, which is really irritating because I've found a ton of graphics cards with 7 prong but none with 4 prong.
  2. The 7 pin is a Super video /hd TV connection it is compatible with 4 pin svideo cable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-DIN It uses pins 1 through 4 for svideo but the others for HD/TV.
  3. ? Really? Oh my god, I could've had my computer connected to my tv this whole time then, because my friend has a graphics card with 7 pin output. Dang it, well thanks for the info. Can't believe I never figured this out before.
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