Help! im new to building computers

I'm planning on buying some new parts for my PC, but im kinda new to all this stuff and im not 100% if im making the right decisions in regards to the parts i've looked at buying.

Here's a list of the parts:

AMD AM3 x6 1090T 3.20Ghz Phenom II

Kingston HyperX-TI-XMP 4GB kit(2Gx2) ddr3

ASRock 880GM-LE 880G DDR3 Motherboard

Antec 300 Three-Hundard Gaming Tower without PSU


And these are parts i laready have:

Radeon HD Sapphire 4890

Vantec Ion2 650W PSU

I use my computer mostly for gaming, i play games like Battle field Bad company 2 and Rift. I also to a bit of video editing here and there. So i was just wondering whether these parts will last me a while, and run future games and programs sufficiently, and also should i stick with AMD or go for the intel models, like the sandy bridge.
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    If you want it to last a long time Sandy Bridge is a good more powerful option across the board. Going with an AMD build is a good budget solution and that is a good 6 core build which is going to help you more with Video editing than gaming Phenom 965BE has better performance in gaming.
  2. Thanks, yeah due to my budget i think i will stick with AMD but may go with the quad core instead. Does the 965 still have good overclocking capability's?
  3. Yes it does the overclocking is similar across the board on the BE CPU's.
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