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Is the upgrade worth it?

First of, this is a backup plan if something doesn't go right.

I saw that lost planet 2 is coming out in a few days and i was wowed over that.
So i decided to get the benchmark and i didnt like what i saw.... :lol: ( see benchmarks never really ran accurate for this pc config, im not to sure why. )
They always knocked off 20 frames on the benchmarks from the real game for me. Resident evil 5 said i would be playing with 60 fps maxed out ( no aa ) and i play it with a avreage of maybe 85 and intense moments 65 frames. Aliens vs predator was the same way for me.

So the results were this on this setting.

*3 gigs of ram
1280 defult settings ( default reso was 640xsomething, i changed it to 1280x720 in this shot though )


Meduim settings with same resoultion of 1280x720

My thing is, do you think the game will play smooth with a low fps rate of what i have on the benchmark. Its honestly hard to tell, becuase my system is a bit buggy with these things. Alien vs predator plays awsome at 60 through 40 and i thought i was playing with 100 fps. (ha)

But if not do you think i should upgrade from a gts 250 to a gtx 460?
Only if i honestly had to?
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    Your current card should handle the game fine at that resolution.
  2. Thanks, i just hope the retail game plays better. I had a few of those happen already.
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