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My System is capable of handling 4GB RAM at max,

i have 4 slots , in it , and i am having 2x 512 mb Ram (1GB) ,

i want to upgrade it to 3 gb ,

my doubt is that , it is said that 4 slots with each at max can have 1GB so that it should not exceed 4 gb ,

But can i add a Single 2GB stick ( coz it costs less than 2x1 GB) , and will it work ( total memory only 3GB)
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  1. Motherboard?
    Version of Windows?
  2. hell_storm2004 said:
    Version of Windows?

    Intel Pentium E2140 1.60 Ghz

    MOBO----- P5LP-LE (Leonite)

    Windows 7 32bit
  3. Get 2x2GB kits and you're done.
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