Is this Rev 85+ setup OK?


I have an Enermax Rev 85+ 1050w and i just want to know if the +12v rail are well attributed?

+12v rail 5 exclusively to my GTX480

+12v rail 6 powers my 4 sata drives (one an 160gb Intel SSD) and my DVD burner and sometimes my 20 cm fan with simple Leds

+12v rail 1 shared with the 24p mobo connector and the 8p CPU connector

The 8p CPU connector also benefits from the +12v rail 2

+12v rail 3 exclusively to may GTX285 Physix card

is this setup OK?

I bet it does but i need to be sure

Another question that i think the pro´s known well? The GTX285 i use it only for Physix in Games like Crysis in the Max, but most of the time at least nowdays I did not even plug it to the PSU (only for that games) i leave it only inserted in the PCI Express slot. Is the 285 sucking energy being only connected to the PCI express slot? And if yes it´s a lot of energy?

Thanks - advance
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  1. About the rail distribution, I do not have a clue apart from the GTX480 would be best supplied by two individual rail's.
    The PCIe slot can max deliver 75watts to a card actual load would be based on use.
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