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Upgrading from Gtx 280 to 2 gtx 460 or 1 gtx 480

I have the Zotac Gtx 280 AMP!

I am upgrading all my computer. I am not sure to get 2 Zotac gtx 460 amp! or 1 zotac gtx 480 amp!
The price is about the same.
Here are the spec:
GTX 480 Amp!
Chipset Manufacturer:NVIDIA
Core Clock:756MHz
Shader Clock:1512MHz
Stream Processors:480 Processor Cores
Effective Memory Clock:3800MHz
DirectX:DirectX 11
HDMI:1 x mini HDMI

GTX 460 AMP!
Chipset Manufacturer:NVIDIA
Core Clock:810MHz
Shader Clock:1620MHz
Stream Processors:336 Processor Cores
Effective Memory Clock:4000MHz
DirectX:DirectX 11
OpenGL:OpenGL 4.0

Thanks for the help
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  1. SLIed GTX 460s are both cheaper and better than a GTX 480. Even if you prefer to stick with a single card setup the GTX 480 isn't nearly worth the extra money over a GTX 470.
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    You don't need to tell us your budget. XD

    Easily I'd pick the two GTX 460's, They scale very well and reviews have been done, the scaling on the 460 is so good it basically scales 100%. Also the power consumption of the two 460's is even less than one 480 on load. Temps will also be lower allowing for an even high OC. The main thing is that I wanted to tell you, although Zotac is a good company and all, the only one I'd get is the GTX 480 version.

    For the GTX 460, I'd choose the ENGTX460 ASUS DIRECTCU TOP 768gb. Since Asus really perfected the GPU cooling with the DirectCu and it easily OC's with load temps being EXTREMELY low on furmark. Check this review out!
    P.S. The reason this card is good, it's only 175$ on Newegg (assuming your in the US or CA) When you SLI, the total cost will only be 450$. Much cheaper than the GTX 480 for better performance.

    Also if you want 1gb really bad, the best option is the MSI GTX 460 Hawk 1GB. Very good cooler, fixed the Twin Frozr fail design and ended up with a much better cooler and card. Plus it's cheaper than the zotac and IMO a better card. It's 20$ cheaper than the AMP model.
    Seriously though, if the Asus model didn't impress you, check these OC's and Load temps out on this card.

    Just checked the review on the Zotac AMP, 10*C hotter than the HAWK with less FPS, therefore the same reviewer was not able to OC as well as the HAWK model.

    The GTX 460 SLI mopped the floor with the GTX 480 (single) in the 3DMark Vantage at a cheaper price... So that really justifies getting the GTX 460. Plus power consumption is basically the same for both on load, but the SLI 460's gets way better performance. SEE review below. Also look at the overclocking, you can OC the Hawk ver. very far and that'll be an even better performance. Plus many games favor dual card rather than single, so you'll see better performance with the two 460s.
  3. I will get either a phenom II x4 955 or 965.
    Will get DDR3 6 GB 1600 MHZ
    Motherboard I dont know yet.
    Already have 2 sata 2 in raid 0.
    For budget 2 gtx 460 is hte same price as 1 gtx 480
  4. Thanks for the replys. I will check the Hawk 1Gb. I will be going with 2 460s. Will only have to read a lot on OC because I never done it:)

    Thanks again
  5. Overclocking a video card is very simple so don't worry about that. I agree with the DirectCU and Hawk recommendations.
  6. Check out google, just google MSI Afterburner, pretty easy to use. Slide the bar, done. If you do reach the OC's in the Hawk review, you'll probably see a noticeable increase, even just tiny OCs.

    I recommend getting Kombuster as well with MSI AB, since it'll allow you to check for artifacts. BTW You should close the topic now, help the moderators help you and click *select best answer*
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