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hi, my last post i put on Sept. 21 about building my dream Computer System. i wanted the i7 980 xtreme, but lots of you suggested in waiting for
all the new stuff about to come out. its been tough with out a system but its cool, im sometimes using the one i sold to my dad. anyone know if the
i9 or a newer better ati 6000 card would come out ? thanks

and theres this Asus monitor im keeping my eyes on to be releases, its 27inches. and 120mhz PG276h with 3D

thanks for all your support and help, you guys are the best of the best , and real Pro's in the Computer world.
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  1. In couple of weeks AMD will release new GPU's 6900 series and so do Nvidia. Intel new CPU's will be available by Jan 9 next year.
  2. hi, is intel's 2nd Gen. Cpu's what im looking for to upgrade to ? or would AMD's 12 Core Cpu be better ? anyone know of a very good 27 inch monitor 120mhz coming out ? thanks

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    I would wait for z67 (extreme ocing sandy bridge chipset) and get 2 of the nvidia dual gpu flagship cards, not sure about monitor
  4. by anychance do u know when it comes out ? almost half a year with out a pc makes me go something something ...... crazy lol
    as Homer Simpson would say

    founds are not much a problem, just waiting for the new tech. that are around the corner. and if anyone knows of a very good 27, or 25 inch led monitor , let me know. = )
  5. well you could buy a nice notebook (Asus g73 series is great) which will be capable for the short term and then later (z67 I think is in some part of Q2) buy the dream
  6. actually looking for a tower computer for extreme gaming, cant wait for the Battlefield 3 for the pc . building everything from the ground up, = )
  7. Tell me how soldering everything on the mobo is...JK (I assume you mean buying each component)
  8. of course, its the beauty of building your own custome system
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