Help buying new psu...

ok so my 550watt cheap lowest branded psu is dead.
i told my computer guy that i want a cheap lowest branded 650-700watt psu of which he told me the price which was suitable.
but problem is that he is usually not familiar with amp rating on he couldn't tell me the ratings...
now as the wattage increases does the amps on rails also increases?because i have 18A on my current and i want higher than that to run my graphics card........the direct question is will a 700 watt with bad ratings be better than my 550 watt 18A.....
i want at least 22-25A.....
my system is:
an hd 5670
c2duo e4500 2.2ghz.....
1 simple case fan..
dvd drive
1 seagate barra 250gb
dg33fb intel motherboard.....
i know there is no need of 700 watts for this but i'm just getting it on the concept that high wattage will also obviously deliver somewhat better ratings than 550watt.i want at least 22-25A.......
should i go with that psu?????
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  1. a good market they is for your system, Thermaltake Tough Power 850 XT PSU
    i that have him 1 year now I have remained very thanked and they is also serious power supply

    look my system...and I have connected above in pc printers scanner 6 hard disc etc

    Windows:7 Ultimate 64-bit
    memory:4 dimm 2gb (dual channel) corsair dominator 1066 ddr2 (8gb)
    mobo:asus p5q
    processor:intel Core 2 Duo E8500
    graphic:pny-gtx 295x2
    power supply:Thermaltake Tough Power 850 XT PSU
    view:iiyama ProLite B2403WS 24'
    connection:HDMI to HDMI
    internet:Conn-x 24mbs
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