Components buyable now for a Sandy Bridge i5 2500K

So after spending most of last night and all of today reading through countless threads, articles, and charts. (Note: This is my first time building I was trying to understand a lot of the lingo) I want a gaming computer with some longeticity 3-4 years.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to build with a Sandy Bridge i5 2500K with January just around the corner and the promising data I figured waiting is well worth it.

I'm planning and having 6-8 gigs of RAM ( I was looking through the previews of the GIGABYTE and ASUS mobos and it looks like the they're gonna have DDR3)

And a graphics card from either the Radeon HD 6000 series or the Geforce GTX 500 series

Trying to keep the budget 1000-1200 USD range and speculating from current price projections I will be spending between 300-500 on the mobo and the CPU, so I'd like some opinions I know a lot of you out there are hoarding components for the big day. What are some of your guys opinions on what we can buy as of now?
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  1. everything but CPU/mobo, rams going to run dual channel apparently. (sticks in sets of 2: 2 stick or 4 sticks.)

    Whats making you guess that for the mobo prices? I can't seem to find anything on it.
  2. ive done the exact same thing. Its my first build too and was gonna make it this next week till i did my research on SB.
    I have bought everything but SB the mobo and my video card/cards...
    So where did you find the predicted prices on Mobo's?
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    @vindictive & @peteypablo319, it is easy to guess the price of the mobo, they will surely be priced similar to the current P55 boards that they will be replacing, as is with the CPU,...

    The parts that you can buy right now are CASE, PSU, maybe the HDD/ SSD, DVD...
    As for rest of the parts,

    GPU - Both ATI and Nvidia are going to launch newer cards within this month, so it would push the prices of the old ones down, so better to wait.

    RAM - Prices are taking a plunge with DDR3, so better to get them with the CPU/ Mobo
  4. so will some of the mobo's be priced around $150 for a decent board?
  5. ^ I expect for an ASUS/ Gigabyte/ MSI/ EVGA SLI-Crossfire board to be priced around ~$180+
    But I think you can expect ASRock to give similar features for less - Maybe in the ~$150 range...
  6. cheaper then i was expecting! glad im waiting for SB!!
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