Fixed, but What was the Problem?

Recently ran through a debug of what the OP described as:

"My P5Q is boot looping (it seems) whenever I put a graphics card in. I stripped it down to just cpu, memory and graphics card. Without the graphics card I get a short startup beep followed later by 1 long beep followed by 3 short (no vga), but when I plug it in I get one short startup beep followed later by another short startup beep."

Intel Q8300
Asus P5Q
GTX 460
Corsair HX650w

Swapped PSU's, vid cards yielded no change. Eventually, the DVI cable was removed and replaced with a DVI-to-VGA adapter, and the monitor's vga port was used. The PC booted up normally.

Question: What kind of monitor/cable failure caused the original symptoms?
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  1. a regulation in bios in vga and afterwards regulations from panel the card graphic the hz… etc… download a new drivers of your screen
  2. Why did changing the monitor connection to DVI=> VGA Adapter ==> VGA fix the problem?
  3. A short in the cable maybe!
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