i have an 8600 gts not overclocked. sometimes next week ill be building my new comp as soon as my mobo gets here, i plan on putting as5 b4 putting this gpu on to that comp but it idles at a constant 68c as of now, i am using gpu-z to check this, is this bad?

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  1. Hello,

    How many screens are connected to the videocard? If there's 2 monitors connected it's still a bit high. If it's not the case, how is your airflow in your system? I suspect almost no airflow.

  2. Dusty? Try cleaning it if you havent already mate, dust plays havoc with temps.
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    Idle temps dont matter much, check what it gets to on load, its fan is only at 30% right now so it probably wont go much above about 75C under load which is fine. If you want to lower your idle temp increase your fan speed a bit, 40% should drop your idle temps by a few C.
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