ASUS M4A78T-E problems

Hey guys. I have been having some problems since January of this year and they are yet to be resolved.

Here's a list of problems i am having -

1) System randomly hangs at bootup(at Loading Windows Screen, before POST, during POST)

2) System hangs when i use my front panel USB slots.

3) If i hard reset or reset cleanly (from windows) it hangs either at POST, before it or at the Windows loading screen. Hard resetting after that doesn't work. Everything else works (CPU works, fans work, etc.) but no signal to the monitor (remains blank). I have to shut down using the power button, turn off the power and turn everything back on to get the system to boot in to windows.

ASUS service center in my city couldn't reproduce these problems at their site so they passed the motherboard off as OK.

Here is a long list of what i have tried
1) ran prime95, Intel Burn Test to check if CPU is working fine. It is.

2) got a new 750W power supply thinking maybe the system was underpowered. waste of $90 because the problem still persists

3) ran memtest86, memtest86+, windows 7 memory diagnostic (extended tests). No errors.

4) took the whole system apart keeping only the CPU and 1 stick of 2GB ram in. It would boot after being "Powered ON". But on restarting it would hang at one of the places mentioned above. This implicitly rules out my hard disk, graphics card, WLAN card and my DVD Burner, if i am not wrong.
Tested both the stick of RAM (2GB each) on each of the slots i normally use. Same problems as mentioned above.

5) Enabling Unleashing mode causes problems (Unleashing mode failed error at POST), so running on the stock 2 cores. (Unleashing mode used to work fine before).

6) Removed USB cable connecting the front ports thinking that was the problem, but to no avail.

7) Updated all the damn drivers i could think of including DVD Burner and HDD Firmwares. (BIOS latest, Nvidia Drivers latest, WLAN card drivers latest), but it still hangs.

8) Cleaned all hardware.

9) added 2 more fans thinking system was overheating. one pointed directly at the northbridge cooler which tends to run the hottest on the motherboard and one directly below the graphics card, the second thing to run at comparitively high temps. Put some Cooler Master Fusion 400 thermal goo on the processor too. Left the cabinet open to ensure proper airflow.

10) ran verifier to verify if any drivers were causing the windows to stop from loading. Windows booted up fine.

11) Cleared RTC, tried removing CMOS battery. Everything on stock settings right now.

Now after all this i am obviously led to believe that the motherboard is at fault. But how does the ASUS service center not get these problems ? It's a hell lot of work to do just to get the system to work. Can anyone help ? Any input appreciated.

Configuration -

AMD Phenom II X2 550BE
2 x 2GB Transcend JetRAM both at same latencies 9 - 9 - 9 - 24 and speeds 1333 MHz
1 x 500 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
1 x 1GB Zotac Nvidia Geforce 9800GT
1 Linksys WLAN WMP54G card
1 LG DVD Burner GH22NS50
1 VIP 750 W Power Supply
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  1. I had the SAME issue with my m4a78t-e motherboard. I suggest taking the processor fan off of the cpu, and see if there is any dust build-up on the motherboard around the CPU. After months of messing with my computer, I found that there was significant (potentially conductive) dust built up on the motherboard around the cpu socket....I cleaned all of the dust off with alcohol and have not had any issues (YET) belief is that the conductive dust was from the cpu fan thermal paste. This might explain the randomness of the issues I was experiencing (random restarting, hang ups, etc).
  2. Sorry about the late reply. I had given up on tom's forums as i didn't get any reply for days. Yes, dust is a major issue. And I clean out everything every month. Haven't yet seen any change. I am here, replying to your post after about 20 times hitting the restart button on my case and luckily getting it to POST / boot. ASUS service center isn't being of much use. I have no clue as to why this occurs. Lately I have had problems of system freezing as soon as I log in. so I thought maybe one of the startup items might be causing this. Formatted, just to make sure. The Windows installation itself didn't go smoothly. Windows restarts twice during installation. I got stuck again and had to hit reset another 20 times just to get Windows to install. This is a hardware problem for sure. But no one can point out what's going wrong. I have run all tests available for everything, and all of them have turned up OK.
  3. Your hard disk and/or optical drive connector cables are probably loose. Change it to one of those cables that have a clip. The system hangs when the disk gets disconnected for an instant.
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