Help building a computer, suggestion welcome!

I have a Compaq Presario CQ5210F, and just bought a new graphics card Geforce GTX460 and power supply Thermaltake T2 600W
I am having trouble with these objects you can see if you want here:
I basically gave up on my computer, mostly because even if I can get it running again, I would not like to have to buy different hardware then i already possess, it has already been an enormous hassle for me to acquire what I now have.

With my GeForce GTX460 and Thermaltake T2 600W could I have suggestions on what else to buy to build a computer with?

This would be the first computer I have ever built, so I don't really know how I would come about making sure the items I get are compatible.
Thanks, Diego
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    Aslong as you have PCI Express (PCI-E) slot on the motherbourd you should be fine.
  2. If you need any more advice im well experienced in pc building
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