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I am building a new Home pc for video editing.. I am considering I7 and am wondering if that is my best option as well as what to buy.. I have built every PC in my home and have a Q9650 now with 4gb of corsair ram now but I am not satisfied with the speed of video processing. I am not concerned with the cost a couple of grand is fine but I really need some help... I7 quad core - which is best for my app.. I7 MB - single or dual CPU... Which ram is best and how much power do I need - is a corsair PSU okay or is Antec a better choice? Also is the video card really that important in this application, I am not a gamer.

Thanks in advance

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  1. ^ Hi, you have given good info on your requirements, but this would better put it in an easy way to understand...Fill this and paste it here
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