Help me to upgrade D945GCCR

i have D945GCCR motherboard. i want to upgrade ram and HDD. how much i can upgrade?

1. how much fsb i should buy? can i use a 2gb single slot ram?
2. can i use 500gb sata HDD?
please reply..........
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  1. If you want to upgrade, start with ddr3 while it's so cheap. 2 gb sticks are around $10-12 where I live. Then look for a g41 or g43 chipset board that uses ddr3 and check the "cpu support" section to be sure it will work with your cpu before you order the board. The 500 gb drive will work with any newer motherboard. 1333 fsb is all you need for the ddr3, and I wouldn't spend over $100 for a quad core cpu if that's what you want for gaming. The q6600 is in that price range and will overclock easily. For around $350, you can get the 2500K with 8 gb of ddr3 and z68 motherboard.
  2. I want to increase the amount of ram and HDD capacity only. I will not change my D945GCCR mobo.
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