Graphics card for Asus M4A88TD-V EVO

I have an Asus M4A88TD-V EVO with AMD Phenom II X4 965. I am looking for a graphics card - 512 MB or 1GB. Please suggest a suitable GPU. Thanks in advance
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  1. GTX460, job done.
  2. Thanks for your response!

    Checked the price - was upwards of 150$ ..

    Sorry I didnt mention it earlier - 100$ is the range i am looking at ..

    I also looked at a couple of graphics cards after reading an article here in Tomshardware - XFX ATI 5670 (DX11) and also 9800 GT ..

    can you suggest again please - anything other than these two are also fine as long as price matches..

    thanks & sorry again
  3. The 5670 and 9800GT are about the same performance wise, what do you mean by "anything other than those two"?
  4. 5670 has Directx 11 compatibility compared to 9800 GT - so will that be a problem later on?

    Well other these two I meant - if you knew anything other than these two models 5670 and 9800GT - then I am ready to buy that if the price is within range.

  5. Personally I don't think the HD5670 is powerful enough to actually be of any use in a DX11 environment or to run three monitors at the same time for gaming. How much would a GTS450 cost you?
  6. Which graphics card you need is pretty much determined by the resolution of your monitor , the version of Windows you use , and [ perhaps] the games you play .

    Take a look in the charts tab on this page and look at the relative performance of cards
  7. Hi again,

    @ mousemonkey - The GTS 450 costs around 130$ (on newegg) ..

    @ Outlander_04 - Monitor is samsung 23" , windows 7 (directx 11) and games - well i wanted to upgrade and start playing games like crysis ..

    so any other suggestions or is it between - 9800 GT, 5670 and GTS 450

    thanks again guys ..
  8. Hope you don't plan maxing crysis with those cards :-/
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