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I want to upgrade my gpu from a gts 250 to a gtx 460 1gb, but I have lost the 6 pin power connectors that came with my 850w Powercool psu. My current gts 250 uses 1 6 pin adapter which is currently using a 2 molex to 1 6 pin converter.
The Gtx 460 needs 2 6 pin adapters, if I split my 2 molex adapters into 4 molex adaptors to convert in to 2 6 pin adaptors will this work do you think? Or could I plug both molex converters I already have in so that each one is plugged into only one molex instead of two making 2 6 pin ports?
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  1. I guess it should work, but first we must know about your PSU detail, can you show us picture or link for your PSU?
  2. Hi,
    The link to the power supply is here -

    What would be the best option, to use splitters or to have 1 molex plugged into 1 converter, instead of 2 molex to 1 converter.
  3. What do you mean you lost the 6pin power connector?
    Your PSU has 2x 6+2 pin power connector for Graphic card... it should handle GTX460 just fine...
  4. I mean the 6 pin power connectors that were in the box with the power supply I have lost them which is why I am running the gts250 via a molex converter
  5. it's not recommended, but you can try that using molex converter or you can buy a spare 6 pin power connector (if there's any) for your psu...
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