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Maximum RAM & Speed solution

I am soon to be the owner of a Intel DZ68BC motherboard.

My goal is to max out this motherboard's RAM potential with the fastest RAM type available...
The Max amount of memory is 32GB and there are 4 slots with Dual channel and XMP available (though I don't fully understand XMP yet).
I can't find any 32Gb kit solutions that are faster than DDR3 1333Mhz, do they exist? Or should I get two dual-channel kits of 16GB (8GB x 2)?

Newegg has a lot of options to choose from but even they are limited when it comes to 32 GB (8GB x 4) solutions. Any suggestions?

Will I ever use 32Gb of RAM - no. But I'd still like to max this board out...
I viewed the CAS Frequency chart another user posted on this forum but didn't quite understand it too much. I have a basic understanding that lower timings and CAS Latency is better.

Intel DZ68BC Motherboard Overview page

Intel DZ68BC RAM Overview Page

Money is not too much of a worry but under $1000 would be "convenient".

Pictures and other info can be seen here: (Newegg product listing)

Again, the goal is to max the motherboard's RAM with the fastest speed available, suggestions, hints, and any wisdom on the matter is welcomed! :-)

System specs:
Motherboard: Intel DZ68BC
CPU: Intel 2nd Gen i7-2600K
GPU: EVGA nVidia GTX 580
Memory: ???
SSD: (2) OCZ SATA II Vertex 2 60GB
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD PCI Express x1
PSU: Antec 650 Watts
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
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  1. Hello... I offer this Wisdom
    The Speed vs Speed of Ram is measured in micro and nano seconds between 1600 and 1333 Ram modules... In other words it is MUTE... The amount of ram installed is more important than the SPEED. The Least sigificant Speed upgrade for your computer vs $$$... is the difference between the 1600 and 1333 DDR3 RAM choice.

    Here are the Specs for your motherboard from the INTEL website. But I could not find verified/tested recomendations there.

    1.35 V low and 1.25 V ultra-low DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs (JEDEC Specification)
    DDR3 +1600 MHz, 1333 MHz, and DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM DIMMs
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    If your goal is high RAM speed then you want just (2) DIMMs as they tend to OC better than (4) DIMMs. Is there some reason you desire more than 8 GB. of RAM? This is all that most people need or buy. If you fill all four DIMM slots the mobo is likely to only allow the RAM to run at the default speed of 1333 MHz.

    An XMP RAM profile is an Intel suggested RAM OC that may work, but it is not guaranteed to work.
  3. Wow, I wish I could select both of your replies as the best answer!
    Follow up question, could I get a 16Gb kit (8GB x 2) and then upgrade later with another identical kit? I've heard "kits" are meant for all RAM modules to work together and that sometimes a 2nd kit added later may or may not work.

    The difference in price between a 32GB kit and 16GB kit are huge... ($300+ difference).
    I am a gamer and while no game I have ever played used more than 5GB of RAM (Microsoft Flight Sim X with all graphics settings maxed), I was trying to future proof my machine in terms of having enough quantity of RAM until I upgrade in 3 years.
  4. Additionally, I notice the 16GB and 32GB RAM kits are "Quad Channel". My motherboard is only "Dual Channel" capable. Will the RAM perform at least the Dual channel capability on my mobo?
  5. Hello... Quad channel kits are 4 sticks of Ram... Dual Channel are 2 sticks of Ram...

    If you want future proof memory expansion, get Dual Channel kit, to leave room for more sticks.
  6. So in essence it would be better to get 1 dual channel kit of 16GB (2 x 8GB) now, and should I ever need more, a second kit identical to my first purchase? (last question and thought on the matter lol).
  7. I didn't realize two dual channel kits can "work together" and still be 'dual channel'.
  8. Hello...I would agree with your purchase.
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