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Hi all,

Below is the system i am about to start to put together.

Phenom II 965 be
Asus M4A88T-M AM3
Wd5000aaks 500gb hdd
Antec 902
x2 tricool fans
XFX 650w core power ltd edt psu 53a single +12v rail
Asus gtx460 1gb
liteon optical dvd/rw sata drive
Corasir 1600mhz dominator memory

The problem is the last item the memory, below is what i have ordered

If you look at the special features it states for Phenom systems and i was advised by scan technical that this memory would work so i went ahead and ordered it.

Above is what i ended up getting delivered, (it was from scan not from overclockers) but it now states for i5/i7 cpus in the description but has the exact same model number.

Just wanted your opinions on this

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  1. ^ That RAM would work just fine...
    The reason why it is advertised like that is Intel had set 1.65V as the maximum operating voltage for their i5/ i7 CPUs, but there were many DDR3 RAMs which operated higher, hence the companies came with lower voltage ones and advertised that those would work with the i5/i7, but with AMD, there is no voltage issue, so it would work fine...
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    i am glad to here this as i have many problems with ordering memory.

    Thanks for your help again gkay09
  3. Good Luck...
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