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Xfx ati hd 5670 and power supply

Hello,I have bought XFX Radeon HD 5670 as i don't want to buy a psu. first i played most of the game without any problem, but now my pc restarting several times showing a bule screen with error, and after 1 or two day my pc wont start as i press power button the screen remains blank without booting the computer.I thought it was for ram problem and changed ram slot and power on my computer but the screen remains blank as before it was. after changing ram slot several times it finally turns on ,but now it seems that the games i previously played is a litte bit slow and while playing games suddenly it freezes showing a bule screen with previous error.Can any one tell me what's the problem. Is it for power supply..


intel dg45id

intel 2.66 Ghz Q6600 quad-core

4Gb ddr2 ram

320 gb hard drive

450 watt psu comes with casing
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    This is likely a bad power supply but could be other problems. Can you try and capture what the blue screen says? We may be able to pin point the problem with this knowledge.
  2. thanks for ur reply. i have bought a psu and all the problems are gone :D
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