Both SATA & IDE don't work on PC Chips M861G Mobo

The Mobo has both SATA an IDE slots, and I used to have both working, but I took it apart and didn't note what went where. :pfff:
I had one SATA, and three IDEs. I put in a 1TB drive, and want to transfer the files from my old IDEs to it, but now they don't show up in the Bios setup. My CD is in the IDE 1 slot, and that works as long as I don't add another drive to the cable. I've tried multiple jumper/cable configurations, but no luck so far. I doubt I'd live long enough to try them all, so any help will be much appreciated!
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  1. IDE rules.
    2 drives to a cable.
    Normally the hard drive is jumpered as master, and the optical drive is jumpered as slave. Your OS drive should be Master on IDE channel #1.
    The first drive, on the end, should be used for the Master drive on the cable.
    The second drive, which goes in the center of the ribbon cable, should be used as slave.
    If you have a cable that is not notched for which way it plugs in, just know that the red stripe on the cable should always be plugged in towards the #1 pin on receiving socket or port.

    Some drives and BIOS's have what is called a "cable select" setting for IDE drives that chooses the drives and puts them into a working order automatically, however in practical use most people find trying use the cable select setting only causes problems.
  2. My new SATA is now the OS drive. The old SATA is also working. I wanted to hook up the others, the IDEs, temporarily just to transfer files. Right now the CD is the only drive on an IDE cable. I tried adding another drive to the cable the CD is on, and it worked once, but don't remember how I did it. (had to take it apart again for some reason, or other) The CD case, helpfully, does not designate master/slave pins - just 12v, two grounds, and a 5v.

    I guess what I want to know is whether to set the pins on the IDEs as master or slave. ...I've tried the cable select, too. One drive, the Seagate 6531 Ultra ATA has jumper settings for slave/master or single drive/cable select/ master with a non-ATA compatible slave, and drive capacity limit. The Seagate U series 5 has the same except lacks the drive capacity limit configuration. The IBM Deskstar has, in addition to the master/slave/cable select, a pin configuration for forcing device 1 present (whatever that means).

    Note: I took out the CD and did find the jumper settings, and was able to get them all working together, at least for a while. Now I'm getting spontaneous re-boots to the old C drive, and loss of my old SATA! I'm trying to get all the files I want from the old C. so I can format it.

    Now I need to know how to transfer just the files - all the programs I've found transfer all settings, etc. as well.
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