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Install win 7 without optical drive

Hi guys! Long time reader and this is my first post, im off to my first computer build and i've got basically everything except for an optical drive, i saw this video about using a flash drive to boot win 7, im a little cautious in doing this cuz the vid is already 2 years old, im wondering if its still possible? I dunno if i can post the link of the vid here so you guys can put some input if that way of booting win 7 still works or if theres another way to do it, i do have the windows7 os but am still waiting for my optical drive wich would arrive next week, and im reaaaaaaaally excited to boot my pc that ive already installed everything else and am just waiting for that optical drive

Help guys i wanna play bf3 so bad ill die if i have to wait another week
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  2. You'll need a USB flash drive with at least 4GB of free space and a copy of the Windows 7 installation disc.
  3. BTW, how do u going to install the game?
  4. thanks, checking up the link :)
  5. klabauterman said:
    thanks, checking up the link :)

    I am modifying my W7 all the time and this is the way I do it, Worked every time!
  6. You have a nearly $2000 rig and can't find $20 for a DVD R/W?
  7. DelroyMonjo said:
    You have a nearly $2000 rig and can't find $20 for a DVD R/W?

    He is waiting for the shipment, I think : )
  8. holy hell i thought this was an infringement or something lol, the vid i saw was using command prompt for the copy so i was a little scared to do it, thanks for the link :) im gonna try this after 6 hours because my cousin is asleep and im gonna be using his computer to make my bootable usb haha, is it ok to leave this topic open for now? just to update you guys if im successful tommorow or if i encounter any problem, dunno how im going to install the game yet though lol
  9. This is one of the ways to do it, there is more out there.

    Good luck! Its easy...
  10. yeah im waiting for my optical drive, should have ordered that one first, note to be taken for a second build or something :)
  11. Knock on your neighbors door and ask to borrow it for an hour : )
  12. actually tempted to sneak on my cousins desktop but his PSU is just too damn noisy! haha, thanks very much for the help! i wasnt really expecting an answer this fast, and now i can't sleep cause im thinking about it too much
  13. Sorry, I didn't realize you had ordered an optical drive and just haven't received it yet.
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