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How can I manage the GPU power consumption on-the-fly on a desktop?I would like to minimize my GPU power consumption when I'm downloading.

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  1. It depends what Gpu and what operating system you have. Could you link your system specs or atleast the two?
  2. If you really need and the system doesn't already downclock the card on the fly you can do it manually by having different profiles in afterburner or riva tuner.
  3. All video card have built-in power management.

    See following article:

    Power Consumption of Contemporary Graphics Accelerators: Spring 2010
  4. @everyone: thnx for replying

    A coworker asked me if there was such a tool and I wondered why I did not thought of that before. I only wanted more consumption for overclocking.

    I have 2 systems: a desktop E6800 with 8800GTX and an ALienware with HD 3750 crossfire .

    The ATI may use the ATI PowerPlay™ power management technology.
    So the riva tuner is a ATI Powerplay equivalent for Nividia Cards?
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