Need a new keyboard

so, I'm currently using a Cyborg "Gaming Keyboard" and some of the keys are starting to go wonky...
I want to have at least 4~5 macro keys, full media keys, back lighting and preferably half height keys...
I have mugo huge hands as I'm 6'5" give or take an inch... so a full size keyboard would be preferable...

I play games, mostly RTS and RPG though... when I play FPS it's usually something like BioShock or Half-Life.
I am a semi professional photographer, and work in Photoshop/Bridge/Dream Weaver for 60% of my day... so something with profiles would be good, so that I can switch between a gaming mode and work mode.

I've set aside ~$100 for a new keyboard... of course I don't have to spend all of it, and if I see a really nice keyboard I don't mind splurging a bit more...

I've been doing some research and found several boards... though they all have something that bugs me...

-RocCat Arvo-
Pros: metal base, compact (though I'm not sure if it would be too small), looks b*tchin'
Cons: I frequently use both the "insert,delete,home,end,pgup,pgdown" block as well as the num pad and don't like the idea of having to switch between one or the other, only 3 macro buttons, no media keys, not back lit

-Logitech G19-
Pros: Cool little screen, Lots of conveniently placed macro keys
Cons: Price, Looks plastic'y

Pros: Love the volume knob
Cons: Don't love the "brightness knob" (would have preferred buttons), don't like the removable numpad (one more thing to break),
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  1. I was going to recommend G15(Old but great) but it seems it's discounted.
    Logitech G510 is also good and fits in your price range
  2. I think I'll go for the g19... I found it on Amazon for ~$140 and it pretty much has everything I want...

  3. Yep,if you can get the G19 then go for it. It's really great :) (The price you found is also decent)
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