GTX 275 Co-op

I bought this card back in March for a decent price and have been happy with it. It runs cool and will run Bad Company 2 maxed. It has a second GPU, a GTX 250 which I read is built on the card for PhysX. Most games don't utilize PhysX, so my main question is: Does my card utilize the GTX 250 when PhysX aren't present, or does this GPU just stay stagnant?

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  1. It only shows a performance gain with physx enabled games.
    You could always use those fuzion mobo's that allow you to use any different brand, gen, AMD/Nvidia card together.
  2. If it works like I read, the GTX 250 only runs when physics is needed, otherwise the GTX 250 does nothing but comsume a bit of power.
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