New video card wont let my pc post

Hey guys I recently got a Gigabyte ATI hd 5770 OC 1 gig to replace my Ati HD 3850, and when i put it my system its fails to post. The fans will sit and run at about 1/2 speed and the hard drives all spin up fine. But the only way i can get it to do any thing is to clear the cmos. I have been reading it might be the battery, how ever when i put my old VC in it works fine an runs like a champ.

I ran Belarc advisor and it shows that my bios are like 5 years old and was wondering if any one could help me find them.
(BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 10/24/2006)

I have a ECS ka3mvp extreme Mobo Rev 1.0a
Amd 64 dual core 4200+
4 gigs of dual chan ram
2 Ide drives
1 sata drive
1 sata ssd
and a generic dvd burner
Dynex dx-p500 watt power supply

I don't think its the psu as when i unplug the the dvd burner and one of the hdds its still wont post

In my mind its either my mobo cant handle the better card or i need a bios up date

thanks in advance
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Try with another PSU, if you get good results the problem is the PSU. Test the GPU in another rig, if you get the same problem RMA the GPU.
  2. Your PSU in low quality..Get a better one
  3. Ok so the the card works in my wife's PC, but her PSU in my pc gives me the same issue. ;/
  4. Reset the BIOS of your rig and try again.
  5. When i reset my bios it load up the splash screen for my mobo then stops and gives a Cmos check sum error i hit f1 to let it keep going then it hangs and gives me a DMI pool data error
    K8 NPT data change .... update new data to dmi ....

    then i get a bootmgr error and CAD resets then it sits with the fans runing at 1/2 speed
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