Win XP limiting graphics?

I'm sure this has been answered ad naseum elsewhere - but try a search on DirectX or Win XP and you'll be sifting results for days...

Since XP can only run DX9 or earlier DX versions, how limited are your graphics by XP (DX9)?

If you ran a new game at max settings on an XP box with DX9 and a Win 7 box with DX10 (or 11), and the hardware in both boxes was identical - what exactly would you see differently?

If there's a good article covering this you'd care to link, that would be great.

I've been sitting on a copy of Win 7 (still running XP) waiting until I "need" to upgrade. Just wondering if I should keep waiting...
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  1. I would upgrade to windows 7, i find it to be quite a bit nicer than XP and on decent hardware it runs quite quickly.

    If your XP machine has a DX10 capable card then you will get slightly better looking graphics but you also usually take a slight performance hit going to DX10 since its a bit more complicated. If you only have a DX9 capable card then you wont see any performance difference. Here is an article with a couple screenshots from Hawx in DX9 and DX10 mode to show you some of the differences you will see in some games, in other scenarios its not really noticable.,678356/Tom-Clancys-HAWX-Comparison-between-DirectX-9-and-DirectX-10/Reviews/,review-31764-3.html
  2. Generally speaking, DX11 offers more eye-candy. It is also more demanding on your video card.

    Therefore, if you were to compare playing a game in DX9 mode vs. DX11 mode, you will notice that overall performance is lower in DX11 mode, but the graphics will look better.

    Support for DX9 by game developers has recently started to decline. I forget which game, but there was a recent game that required DX11 (not playable with Win XP). Much like how Oblivion marked the demise of DX8 since that was the 1st game released which dropped support for DX8.
  3. Thanks for the links Hunter, good stuff.

    Should have included my hardware I suppose. X3 720 @ 3.4ghz and a Radeon 4890 - so I "could" upgrade to Win 7 if I want to...

    Jag - not including DX9 support at this point seems kind of nuts, given the article Toms just ran stating that 66% of users are still running XP.,11412.html

    No XP compatibilty would cut out a huge potential market share.
  4. Based off the newest Steam hardware survey which actually covers the vast majority of gamers, 62% of systems check had a DX10 GPU and were running Vista/7. The results tom's quoted were for window's systems overall which also includes office machines that no one games on that were never upgraded to vista and wouldnt have a real GPU anyway, the Steam survey is a bit more relevant.

    You dont get people to switch over to the newer better stuff if you keep programing in support for the old stuff forever, it also makes it a much heavier program, if you only have to work on DX10 you can work on optimizing it more than if you have to optimize both DX9 and DX10 so its always good for some things to start dropping support for the old tech for the sake of everyone.
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