Need help choosing PSU

I will be building a computer and I am looking for a good PSU..

my build will be:

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition
CM Hyper 212
GSkill 8gb ddr-3 1333
EVGA gtx 460 1gb soc

I will be overclocking my CPU and GPU a little bit and running dual 1920x1080 on 24"

I don't care if it's modular or not, but I want a good solid brand that will last me a long time around the price range of ~$60

Thanks guys
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  1. The XFX 650 watters are proced lower than anything else of comparable (Antec EA-650. Corsair TX650) quality .
  2. I just built a custom computer with this psu. It overclocked stable and ran 2 6870's in crossfire. Word of advice you should always try to spend at least 120$ on a solid psu, but for 74$ your not going to get a better psu than this!
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    A GTX460 requires a 450w psu with 24a on the 12v rails.
    The OC does not matter much, the graphics card is the driver of your psu needs.

    If you look for a 450w unit or better from Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, PC P&C, or XFX you will get a quality unit that satisfies your requirement.
    One should cost about $70, and the extra $10 is well worth it to get quality.

    The XFX 650w unit will power any single card made today, and is a bargain at $65 after rebate:
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