Are there any bottlenecks in this system?

core i7920@2.67ghz (stock)
gtx 570 or gtx 580 (plan on upgrading from a 4890)
6gb ram@1066
and also would this hdd work in a desktop?
(its like a hybrid between ssd and a regular hard drive.)

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  1. for the hdd just get a 2.5 to 3.5 adaptor then yes. I dont see where the cpu would have an issue with that card. What resolution do you play at?
  2. What's your screen resolution? What types of games do you play? FPS, RPG, SIMs... or all of the above?

    Yes, that Momentus XT would work in your system and that 4GB flash storage makes it faster than most HDDs.
    But do you already own a HDD? At $110 that Momentus XT is more expensive (and slower) than a full on SSD like the OCZ Vertex 2 40GB SSD @ $105
  3. 1) don't get that hard drive. they announced some major problems with it. It's also a 2.5" so you'd be much better off with a 3.5" desktop (it only has some SSD anyway which is meant more for the Operating System. You'd be better off getting a 100GB SSD drive for Windows and a second hard drive for your games).

    2) Bottleneck?
    It's a well designed system. The first bottleneck is loading the game (the hard drive). The second bottleneck is game play (the graphics card).

    Every system has "bottlenecks"; your CPU will never be maxed out for games when paired with those graphics card. They are great cards and I wouldn't recommend upgrading for two years.

    - nice system
    - get a WD 1TB Black hard drive
    - consider a 100GB SSD for Windows/apps + 1TB WD Black for games

    (when installing games you must specify the install path. I use E:\Games\Starcraft2 for example, or E:\STEAM\..; actually STEAM is designated once and installs the games automatically to that folder).
  4. hmm okay thanks. I play at 1920X1080 and the only game I play right now is starcraft 2 and ill most likely play guild wars 2 and battlefield 3 when they come out. I think im just gonna buy 100gb ssd because I only play one game at a time and really dont use up that much memory elsewhere.
  5. is a WD black that much better than a seagate 7200.12 ??
  6. Get a regular hard drive and a nice CPU cooler.. Overclock your CPU and you are done taking care of bottlenecks if any while you upgrade to better video cards..
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