Upgrade: X-Fire 5830 or X6 1090T?

I'm wondering which upgrade will give me the best bang for my buck for Gaming Performance, adding a 2nd 5830/crossfiring or upgrading to a Phenom II X6 1090T?

Current System:
Phenom II X2 555 OC to 3.9GHz (Dual Core & the other 2 cores will not unlock)
Sapphire 5830 OC to 925/1100
Gigabyte 4670 for 2nd monitor and F@H
4 x 1GB DDR2 800 @ 4-4-4-12

I will be upgrading the power supply as well as mine is only 480W and pulls ~400W with everything at full load

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Which games are you playing? If they like more than 2 cores and they aren't graphics heavy, then the 1090t may be better.

    However, I'd say that adding a 5830 or waiting for new ATI/Nvidia gpus to come out would be better for most games.
  2. Right now I am mostly playing COD: Black Ops and still some Crysis here and there
    I'm looking forward to Crysis 2 coming out, but by that time I will probably upgrade to a DDR3 motherboard, 8GB RAM, and probably whichever I don't upgrade this round :)

    Also, my monitor is a 24" 1920x1080

  3. I'd stick to the 5830 upgrade or waiting for new video cards then.
  4. I'd go with the X6 CPU. I've got a single 5830 with a 1055t@4Ghz and I'm getting very good frame rates (~60fps) with everything max'd, 1080p, 4-8x AA on most games. That's honestly on the low end. Some games run at 120fps+. I personally don't need anything more than that right now. Windows 7 with everything running FLYS!! Then again I've got all my windows and program files on SSD, which certainly helps. Anyway, grab the CPU. You'll be glad you did.
  5. Well... I'm not sure if 20 days is considered dead... but... Just to add some advice. Just get a 955 save the cash, the 1090T isn't worth it. The 955 will handle most things you can throw at it. Plus your OCing so even better. Got mine to like 3.6-3.7 no voltage tweaking. It multitasks really well and COD:BO is optimized for 4-6 cores. More 4 cores than 6, but ya know. So dual cores tend to lag on BO more often so I've seen users post. So upgrade to a 955 it's all you'll need, save the 50$ and use that to get an extra 5830 later.
  6. i'd go for the 2nd 5830 , 6 cores will not give u an advantage in playing games since most games dont use more than 4 i think , ur better off gettin the 2nd GPU ! hope it helps !
  7. I wouldnt get a 2nd hd 5830 (they were the fail of the hd 5xxx series) get the x4 955 and save cash and wait a bit for prices to go down on the hd 6950, gtx 570 and hd 6970 then sell your hd 5830 for a bit and get one of those cards
  8. yea i agree with exhail it sounds better to get the quadcore and then get a better GPU since the prices hav really fallen alot ( wher i live anyway) !
  9. I'd get teh 1075t instead of the 1090t There are a few games taking advantage of the 6 cores. Metro 2033 uses 60-65% of all 6 core, jumping to 90+% if you turn on CPU-based PhysX. WoW Cataclysm shows about 5 more FPS on a Phenom II X6 than Phenom II X4

    I'd pick the 1075 because it seems to overclock to 4 GHz with less temperature issues than the 1090 or 1100.
  10. ^ With that said, what about the 1055T?
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