Radeon HD3650 on a 350W power supply - is it ok ?

Hello to all.

I have a Radeon HD3650 512MB DDR2 AGP video card, i got it for my second pc (the older one) and i have a 350W power supply on it, is it sufficient for this video card to work properly ?
i think it should be 400W minimum but i'm not sure.. can any problem occur if it runs on a 350W power supply ?
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  1. Thanks for the replay ct1615 !

    It's a relief to know that, is this info' apply also on the AGP versions ? because mine is an AGP card.

    on the side of the box that the video card came in is written "400W or higher" does that mean anything or is it just "protocol"
  2. Ahaa i understand now, pretty smart move for them :)
    so there's no problem at all i see..

    It's a big relief, thank you very much ct1615 !
    Have a great day !!
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